Raw At The Mansion

On a hot summer’s day at this exotic Spanish Mansion things really heating up out by the pool. Brett Bradley can’t help but play with his huge dick while while watching Ray Dalton’s muscular body which leads him to fuck Ray on the lounge chair. Trey Turner is concerned that other mansion workers are getting paid more than him; he confronts the manager Hans Berlin who makes him an offer he can refuse. Ray Dalton and Draven Torres explain job details to interviewee Colton Steele before giving him a tour of the property that leads to Colton being filled with Ray and Draven’s hot hard cocks.
A summer storm rolls in causing chauffeur Michael Derek to not fulfill his waxing duty to his boss Saxon West’s Limo. Mr. West has give Michael something else to wax instead.


Ray Dalton, Draven Torres, Michael Derek, Saxon West, Trey Turner, Brett Bradley, Hans Berlin, Colton Steele


  • Brett Bradley & Ray Dalton
  • Saxon West & Michael Derek
  • Hans Berlin Interviewing Trey Turner
  • Draven Torres, Ray Dalton, & Colton Steele

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